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Creating retirement income for your clients

Navigating the current retirement landscape and changing trends to help your clients live, save and spend is not so simple today. There are a number of ways you can help clients, however, it’s clear that no one size fits all. Here we have pulled together thoughts and ideas to help you provide the retirement that your clients want. 

Challenges and strategies for income in retirement

The introduction of unfettered drawdown means planning an income in retirement is far from straightforward.

Considerations around the State Pension

The State Pension – the foundation block of retirement is income planning for most retirees. Here we've gathered insights on how to maximise the benefit.

NMPA and protected retirement ages

The Normal Minimum Pension Age is currently set at age 55 and is due to increase to 57 in April 2028. However, clients may have various forms of protected retirement age in place.

Replacement of the lifetime allowance

The new rules and what they mean for clients.

Beneficiary flexi-access drawdown (BFAD)

BFAD allows individuals to pass on pension benefits in a manner where the beneficiaries have immediate access to the funds after death.

Helping build your technical knowledge

Our Pension forum can help with some of the more obscure aspects of pension tax planning. And our comprehensive range of videos can support anyone studying for CII pension exams.

Automated drawdown made easy

Our pension enables your clients to take one-off crystallisations and PCLS (tax-free cash) along with regular and one-off taxable income.

Investment considerations for a retirement portfolio

Materials on a wide range of pension and retirement income planning topics.


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