NextWealth ESG Tracking Study – It’s about Risk

Many investors and advisers want to know how risky is ESG investing? NextWealth’s 2020 report ‘ESG Tracking Study - It’s about Risk’ looks at the ways many advisers will integrate ESG principles into their clients' investments and what is driving this change.




of client assets are being invested in ESG or solutions (up from 7% in 2019). of client conversations include ESG, ethical, impact or sustainable investing (up from 7.5% in 2019). of advisers include a question about ESG investing in the Know Your Customer (KYC) or fact find process



The percentage of advisers surveyed who use ESG, ethical, impact of sustainable funds or portfolios with clients is now at 89% (up from 82% in 2019).
The proportion of advisers using ESG funds or portfolios increases steadily by size of firm (77% of sole traders rising to 95% at firms with 10+ employees).


The percentage of advisers turning to fund research and ratings providers for support when developing an ESG, ethical, impact or sustainable investment proposition.

NextWealth ESG Tracker Report 2020

Find out the latest adviser trends on sustainable investing: how the views of investors are changing and why platforms and financial advisers all need to adapt to this growing theme.

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