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Back-office integration

Our platform can be integrated into a range of third party software systems.

Our back-office integration service allows you to incorporate our platform into a range of software systems to help you manage your business more efficiently.

You can download holdings and valuations straight into your own back-office systems either in bulk or for individual clients.

Key features and benefits

  • Reports are available 24/7: reducing the need to rely on our call centre opening times
  • Manageable record keeping: less reliance on paperwork
  • Offers flexibility: ability to modify data, unlike paper statements
  • Our Pension, ISA and Investment Accounts are integrated within our reports

Back-office compatible services

In addition to the range of reports available we also offer the following options:

  • Real-time valuations (RTVs): this service, also known as contract enquiry, allows you to request an up-to-date valuation for an individual account directly in to your back-office software
  • Bulk holdings: this service makes it possible to run automated, regular reports that will populate back-office software with holdings information for all clients
  • eRemunerations: you can easily integrate adviser fee reports directly into your back-office systems to automate the reconciliation of fee information and payments
  • Transaction history: this service lets you run automated, regular reports that will populate back-office software with information of all transactions made on your clients' accounts.

List of software systems and services


Real time valuations

Bulk holdings


Transaction history

Adviser Cloud


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tick.png (24×24)


Capita Financial Software





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Distribution Technology





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IFA Systems







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tick.png (24×24)*




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Morningstar Adviser Workstation


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Plum Software








Prompt Capital Monitoring



Sirius SWIFT



Sprint Enterprise

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True Potential


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*Not automated

Please note: Some software packages allow fee information and payments from Fidelity to be imported and automatically reconciled. All reports are available on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis and are provided in CSV (Comma Separated Values), TSV (Tab Separated Values) or XLS (pre-formatted Microsoft Excel) format.