Back-office integration

Our platform can be integrated into a range of third party software systems.

Our back-office integration service allows you to incorporate the FundsNetwork platform into a range of software systems to help you manage your business more efficiently.

You can download holdings and valuations straight into your own back-office systems either in bulk or for individual clients.

Key features and benefits

  • Reports are available 24/7: reducing the need to rely on our call centre opening times
  • Manageable record keeping: less reliance on paperwork
  • Offers flexibility: ability to modify data, unlike paper statements
  • Our Pension, ISA and Investment Accounts are integrated within our reports

Back-office compatible services

In addition to the range of reports available we also offer the following options:

  • Real-time valuations (RTVs): this service, also known as contract enquiry, allows you to request an up-to-date valuation for an individual account directly in to your back-office software
  • Bulk holdings: this service makes it possible to run automated, regular reports that will populate back-office software with holdings information for all clients
  • eRemunerations: you can easily integrate adviser fee reports directly into your back-office systems to automate the reconciliation of fee information and payments
  • Transaction history: this service lets you run automated, regular reports that will populate back-office software with information of all transactions made on your clients' accounts.

List of software systems and services


Real time valuations

Bulk holdings


Transaction history




Capita Financial Software
0800 028 033


Distribution Technology

0844 850 1790




01823 326324


IFA Systems


08450 683000

0845 004 9599


Morningstar Adviser Workstation

Plum Software
0845 345 8456


Prompt Capital Monitoring
0844 225 2361

Sirius SWIFT

Sprint Enterprise
0845 612 5752

0800 032 3744

True Potential

Please note: Some software packages allow fee information and payments from FundsNetwork to be imported and automatically reconciled. All reports are available on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis and are provided in CSV (Comma Separated Values), TSV (Tab Separated Values) or XLS (pre-formatted Microsoft Excel) format.