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Retirement strategies

The introduction of the pension freedoms in April 2015 means planning an income in retirement is far from straightforward. Here we present some ideas and analysis on how clients can successfully navigate a life stage that can last 30 years or more.

Navigating the current retirement landscape

We gathered a panel of industry specialists and advisers to talk about the many different influences that will play a part in how your clients live, save and spend during retirement. Tom McPhail from the lang cat, Sam Secomb from Women's Wealth and Toby Bentley from Lathe & Co answered questions from Fidelity’s Head of Retirement and Savings Development, Paul Squirrell.

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Navigating the retirement maze

This summary gives a quick overview of the six reports available below, that investigate key retirement themes and challenges for financial planners and their clients.

Find out more about our retirement papers:

  1. How much does a comfortable retirement cost?
  2. Countdown to retirement
  3. The impact of inflation on retirement planning
  4. Reinventing retirement
  5. Help your clients survive retirement
  6. The path through retirement
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How much does a comfortable retirement cost?

As people begin to reflect on their life after work, they’re often consumed by one question: How much do I need for a comfortable retirement? In this report we look at the impact of different risk factors and how retirees could manage or underwrite these risks to make the most of their retirement savings.

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Countdown to retirement

This report considers the options available if a savings shortfall is identified some years out from retirement. The most common options are saving more or retiring later. In the case of the former, which products are the most effective? There are also other solutions available which can shore up retirement finances. As retirement approaches, advisers should take a holistic view of the client’s assets to create a comfortable retirement.

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The impact of inflation on retirement planning

Inflation can have a profound impact on the finances of retirees and its influence is widespread. In this special report, we examine crucial issues such as:

  • Is the inflation rate at the start of retirement potentially as damaging as sequencing risk?
  • Should retirement income be fully protected throughout retirement?
  • Given annuities are impacted by inflation, do increasing annuities offer value for money?
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Reinventing retirement

The word ‘unretired’ has recently entered the financial services lexicon. It’s used to describe people who’ve left the workplace to retire and subsequently decide to return to work. This is just one part of a fluid movement towards a more progressive concept of retirement. Increasingly, people no longer stop work abruptly one day and retire the next. This creates new challenges for financial advisers which we are addressing in this report.

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Help your clients survive retirement

There are a number of ways advisers can help clients navigate the perils of retirement, however it’s clear that no one size fits all. In our insightful report Help your clients survive retirement, we review how the thinking around sustainable withdrawal rates has changed.

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The path through retirement

Retirement these days is no longer a single event. The initial transition to retirement could involve several twists and turns and require regular reviews. This report charts some of the issues that can arise and their possible impact. We’ve also included a checklist you can use to compare with your own process.

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Supporting your client conversations

We’ve created a number of guides to support your client conversations on pensions and retirement income planning.

Making a withdrawal from your pension

All your clients need to know about making withdrawals from their pension, including all the income options open to them.

A flexible retirement income for whatever the future holds

A detailed look at drawdown from how it works to the advantages and drawbacks. We also compare it to other income options.

Explaining how pension withdrawals are taxed

A guide for clients who are thinking about accessing their pension pots and are wondering how tax could affect their payments.

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