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Your clients' cash options on our platform

Is your fee income reducing as your clients look for an off-platform cash solution in these times of high interest rates? 

We know that these are challenging times to retain client assets and that cash can be particularly attractive to them as interest rates rise. As an asset class, cash-related funds can provide high yields with lower volatility and correlate to equities and fixed interest, therefore, making it a good option for investors in a risk averse environment.

We also appreciate that cash may form part of your investment strategy for your clients, be that for asset allocation reasons or for managing income or fees.

At Fidelity, we offer cash accounts as well as cash and cash-like funds (cash investments) and we have a number of options to help you implement a cash investment strategy and retain your clients' assets on platform.

The sections on the left hand side menu will give you all the information you need to know.

It is possible to implement a cash investment strategy for existing and new accounts on the platform by opening multiple accounts for ISAs and Investment Accounts and holding different investment strategies within these.

Implementing a cash investment strategy on the platform can help to avoid foreseeable harm for your clients. There are a number of benefits to you and your clients by holding cash investments on the platform:

  • Retain greater control – as the adviser, you retain greater control over clients' assets than, if they were to be transferred to a cash deposit provider
  • Retention of adviser ongoing fee – you can choose to maintain your adviser ongoing fee on cash investments should you wish
  • Greater liquidity – many cash funds offer a T+1 settlement providing easy access compared to providers of fixed term deposits where money is locked in for a time period
  • Quickly take advantage of the market upturns – by retaining money on the platform and investing in cash investments, you can easily move money back into the markets when the investment outlook begins to look more positive
  • Diversification – Many cash funds invest in a number of issuers within the fund portfolio in order to maintain liquidity, achieve returns and capital preservation and therefore, reducing risk.​

Important information: The value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up so your client may get back less than they invest.