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Financial adviser best practices

IFA DNA: Practitioner insights for advisory businesses

Our programme of IFA DNA research explores what it really means to be an adviser today. Based on interviews with advisers at firms of different sizes and operating models, the reports examine the forces currently driving change within the advice industry. These forward-looking studies provide insights on how firms are adapting to regulatory and technological advances, for example, as well as how advisers are engaging with clients and positioning their businesses to take advantage of consumer trends.

Latest reports

Beyond the pandemic: the advice industry looking forward – April 2021

Following on from research initially conducted pre-pandemic and at the height of the first lockdown, this study begins by examining how advisers’ views have changed from those expressed last year.

Sustainable investing and the advice sector – April 2021

This special report examines one of the most talked about topics in the industry today – the rise of sustainable and ESG investing.


Previous DNA reports

We have been running the IFA DNA report series for several years. To see what results and insights have been published previously check our archive below.

How the advice sector is adapting to the coronavirus crisis – June 2020

The Adviser Pulse study assesses how adviser attitudes are changing as business & society adapts to the coronavirus pandemic. It compares views in May to those conducted before the crisis in January.

The changing picture of financial advice – June 2020

Over the last 20 years the advice industry has undergone tremendous change – structural, regulatory and technological – with advisers rising to the challenge each time.

Skills of the modern financial adviser – June 2020

Based on quantitative and qualitative practitioner research, this report examines the skills required for today’s successful advisers. How have they changed over the years?

Business challenges facing financial advisers

Despite high demand for advice, financial advisers were under immense strain and facing significant business challenges even before the coronavirus pandemic.

Investment Outlook

Back in July, investors' hopes were high as they were looking forward to what the summer would bring as the vaccine programme helped to bring Coronavirus under control. Fast forward to the present day and the rose-tinted glasses are seemingly off. Tom Stevenson asks if we're heading for a discontented winter, or if there's still room for hope.