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Fidelity and sustainability

Here you can find out more about our own sustainability targets and the progress we are making towards these goals. We also cover the approach we take to managing money on a sustainable basis.

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Fidelity’s sustainability targets

Fidelity has committed to reducing company-wide operational carbon emissions to net zero by 2030, 10 years ahead of our previous goal of 2040. Our path to net zero will prioritise the avoidance and reduction of emissions through operational improvements in the energy efficiency of our offices, responsible business travel and the use of renewable energy.

This goal adds to other net-zero initiatives, including:

  • A commitment to investing aligned with net-zero emissions on or before 2050 as part of the Net Zero Asset Manager initiative, of which Fidelity is a founding signatory.
  • A commitment to reducing carbon emissions within FutureWise, Fidelity’s default investment strategy for UK-based pension schemes, to half by 2030, and to becoming net zero by 2050 or before.

In addition to our net-zero target, we have also committed to a range of other sustainability goals for 2024 focusing on the environment, workplace, supply chain and communities. These include:

  • Improving our environment: A 25% reduction in energy consumption, 25% waste reduction and 80% increase to recycling rate in comparison to 2019 levels.
  • Strengthening our workplace: 35% of global senior management roles to be held by women and 45% of global workforce to be women. 
  • Buying responsibly from our suppliers: ESG monitoring for 90% of our high-risk suppliers and 95% of tenders to include at least one diverse supplier.
  • Creating resilient communities: Year-on-year increase in employee use of volunteering hours and 200+ charities supported.

Our sustainability targets and how we are progressing against them – together with the frameworks we have designed for achieving them – are covered in detail within our Corporate Sustainability Report for 2023. This document, along with previous reports, can be downloaded below:

Corporate Sustainability Report 2023

Corporate Sustainability Report 2022

Corporate Sustainability Report 2021

Fidelity’s approach to sustainable investing

At Fidelity International, our purpose is to work together to build better financial futures for our clients and we believe that investing over the long term is critical to achieving that. As a family and management-owned company, we think generationally in terms of the services we build and provide and the way in which we invest on our clients’ behalf.

Our focus is on delivering sustainable investment returns for our clients, while managing our impact on society and the environment. To do this, we incorporate sustainability into our business operations and our investment process, working with investee companies to help them operate more sustainably in order to deliver those long-term returns and secure a better future for all.

Our Sustainable Investing Report 2023 considers how, despite huge geopolitical and inflationary challenges, sustainable investing continues to evolve at pace. In particular, it details how our approach is evolving as systemic themes like nature take on greater prominence. It also covers our sustainable investing highlights for 2022 as well as our engagement activity across our three key sustainable investing themes.

Sustainable Investing Report 2023

Sustainable Investing Report 2022

Fidelity’s Nature Roadmap

Nature loss is unprecedented and accelerating. It is increasingly recognised as a key systemic risk alongside climate change. All economic activity is in some way dependent on nature through its provision of essential ecosystem services, such as pollination and clean water.

Fidelity has therefore launched a Nature Roadmap that articulates how we are addressing this risk through our investment and stewardship processes. It details our nature-related commitments and highlights some of the key actions we are taking. These include:

  • Ensuring robust governance and oversight of sustainability-related issues, including nature
  • Integrating nature into our proprietary ESG tools, including our ESG ratings and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) tool
  • Integrating nature into our stewardship and voting activities
  • Ensuring nature is embedded in our Sustainable Investing Framework, to facilitate responsible capital allocation and deliver solutions to our clients
  • Engaging with policy makers and undertaking system-wide stewardship.

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