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Pensions, retirement and tax planning for advisers

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Tax tables 2024/25

Plan ahead with the latest tax tables – all the rates and thresholds for 2024/25.

The State Pension: The new vs. the old

We examine the differences between the old and the new State Pensions and the options open to clients should they wish to boost their entitlement by deferring their State Pension.

Explaining how pension withdrawals are taxed

To aid your client discussions, here is a practical guide where we explain how the tax on a pension withdrawal is administered and outline the process for reclaiming any overpaid tax.

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Key areas of interest

The State Pension

Here we examine the differences between the old and new State Pensions, including inheritance, deferring and marital status.

Pension annual allowance

Find everything you need to know about the pension annual allowance including; what counts towards it, carry forward and more.

Replacement of the lifetime allowance

Here we examine the new rules and what they mean for your clients.

Expression of Wish: pension death benefit nominations

Explore expression of wish forms in detail, pension death benefit nominations and access to other useful guides.

Retirement and pensions training

Watch our 46 short retirement videos, totalling over five hours of learning, to improve your knowledge or prepare for upcoming CII exams.

Continuing Professional Development

We understand that Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is of key importance to all practitioners in the financial services sector. Please use our form to record any learning and development activities you have undertaken, from the range of support of materials available on our website. 

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