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Help and support

All the answers to your questions on our product range and administrative tasks commonly performed on our platform.

It’s easy to find what you're looking for

We have categorised the help topics into the six sections below. Each area provides general information on the day-to-day tasks that you may need to carry out while using our platform. 

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Help & support home page


All you need to know about our ISA, Pension, Investment Account, Cash Accounts and other products such as offshore Bonds.


Our investment range, including funds, ETPs, Investment Trusts & shares, and how to set up and manage Model Portfolios.

Client administration

Support for executing tasks such as account opening and dealing, transfers and withdrawals. We also detail what’s required following the death of a client.

Business support

Find out more about doing business with us and how to use our Adviser Fees & Reporting services. We also cover regulatory procedures you should be aware of.

Application forms

Nearly all our processes are online journeys only. For those tasks still requiring a form, the relevant document can be found here.

‘How to’ videos

To help you familiarise yourself with some common tasks on our platform, a series of instructional videos are available here.