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Women in Financial Planning

Financial power of women

We first established Fidelity International’s Women and Money campaign to understand many of the challenges women face when it comes to financial empowerment, from the gender pay, pension, savings and investment gaps that stand between men and women.

However, many of these challenges exist around the world, and for the first time we have looked at the experiences and views of women across six markets – the UK, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan and mainland China – to better understand and address the barriers they face. 

In our third report 'Global women & money study 2021' we explore how women across the globe – with a focus on the UK, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan and mainland China – choose to manage their money and their attitudes towards investing. What are the long-term consequences this can have on their retirement outlook; and how has the pandemic impacted them.

The findings reveal although many of the barriers are universal. The report also highlights a more positive picture in markets where barriers are being overcome, in order to help women harness their financial power to invest and plan for the long-term.

Women & Money virtual event: Gender pension gap

Watch Fidelity's Maike Currie and a panel of industry experts to discuss the findings of our latest Global Women & Money study and what advisers can do to close the 'Gender pension gap'.

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Global women & money study 2021

Our third report looks at the experiences and views of women internationally, across six markets - the UK, Europe and Asia as well as considering the economic impact of the pandemic around the world.

Unlocking the power of advice – 2020 Report

The rise in women's economic power over the last two decades has been considerable and yet, there are still too many 'gaps' when it comes to the finance of men and women. Read our report for in-depth

Unlocking the power of advice – key findings

A short summary of the key takeaways from our research.

Women and Money innovation lab write up

We bought together journalists, policymakers and financial advisers to debate the role financial advice can play in helping women to invest, stay invested and secure their financial future.

Women and investing

Download Fidelity’s 2018 state of the nation report on the barriers to women investing.

The true impact of the pandemic on women's finances

The pandemic has impacted many, including young people and ethnic minority groups. In particular, women have been hardest-hit by job losses, changes to work and home routines, furlough and childcare.

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Unlocking the financial power of women

Ian Meredith, Senior Sales Manager at Fidelity Adviser Solutions talks Georgina Fry of Saunderson House about our latest research – which found that when women take financial advice, they keep at it.

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Unlocking the power of advice – an adviser’s view

Kate Rainbow, Senior Sales Manager at Fidelity Adviser Solutions talks to Steve Butler of Punter Southall Aspire about the challenge of encouraging women – especially younger women – to seek financial advice.

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Women and Money innovation lab

How can we make the advice industry more accessible? How do we encourage women to access advice at a younger age? Hear what our clients and industry experts think.

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