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Retirement income

Navigating the current retirement landscape and changing trends to help your clients enjoy life, save and spend is not so simple today. There are a number of ways you can help clients, however, it’s clear that no one size fits all. 

We have pulled together thoughts and ideas to help you provide the retirement that your clients want.

Fidelity announces strategic partnership with Standard Life

We’re delighted to announce Fidelity’s strategic partnership with Standard Life, which aims to address the growing need for greater choice of income and growth solutions among those approaching, or at, retirement. For further details on the launch of a new smoothed fund, read the press release.

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Replacement of the lifetime allowance

Here we examine the new rules and what they mean for your clients.

Challenges and strategies for income in retirement

Here we present some ideas and analysis on how clients can successfully navigate a life stage that can last 30 years or more.

Considerations around the State Pension

Guides and insights on the State Pension – the foundation block of retirement income planning for most retirees.

The beneficiary flexi-access drawdown conundrum

Pitfalls and issues to be considered with the payment of beneficiaries’ flexi-access drawdown death benefits.


The Pension forum

Paul Squirrell, our pension expert, answers technical questions raised via our Pension forum.

Topics include:

  • An UFPLS withdrawal and the annual allowance tax charge
  • Employer’s contributions and PCLS recycling rules
Visit the Pension forum