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Pensions ‘in-depth’: tax relief and annual allowances

Here we've gathered information around the law and mechanisms underpinning tax relief on pension contributions and matters relating to annual allowances, tapered annual allowance and the annual allowance tax charge.

Supporting annual allowance and tax relief calculations – ‘at a glance guide’

Amongst its many uses, the Pension Summary Report contains helpful summary information to assist your calculations and other processes associated with tax relief and annual allowances.

Introducing your Pension Summary report

Our complete guide details all you need to know about your client’s pension accounts at the touch of a button.

The annual allowance charge – Scheme Pays

Paul Squirrell, our pension expert, provides a step-by-step approach to calculating clients’ annual allowance charges. He also explains the two types of Scheme Pays, plus the process and deadlines.

Pensions 'in-depth': the lifetime allowance

LTA support material all in one place.

The beneficiaries flexi-access drawdown conumdrum

Pitfalls and issues to be considered with the payment of beneficiaries flexi-access drawdown death benefits.

Pensions, retirement and tax planning

Pensions and divorce, death benefits, allowances and much more.