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About the Sustainable Investment List

Matching sustainable funds to specific client preferences can be a challenge, especially given fund approaches can vary significantly. In order to help you identify potential solutions for any given client, we’ve grouped the different types of sustainable funds into seven categories.

We have worked with SRI Services to create a categorised list. SRI is an independent business with over three decades of experience in sustainable investments. SRI’s classification system (SRI styles) is based on the key issues a fund considers (such as sustainability, environmental, ethical), as well as the approach taken by the fund (whether its focused, tilted/weighted or with only limited exclusions). Where there is overlap, SRI Services’ experts select the category which best represents a fund’s overall strategy. Additional fund information is received directly from fund managers who have completed the SRI Services research questionnaire. This is a complex area and so the list is not completely comprehensive.

For further information on each fund within the list, simply click on a fund name below and you will be taken to the fund factsheet.

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Sustainable focused

These funds favour companies that offer products and services that encourage greener lifestyles or show sustainability leadership. They typically avoid sectors that don’t help raise environmental and/or social sustainability standards, as well as arms and tobacco companies.

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Environmentally focused

These funds focus on environmental opportunities – from single issues like water, resource management or waste, to broader issues such as biodiversity and climate change.

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Ethically focused

These funds focus on issues relating to personal values or opinions. They typically invest in companies with more positive environmental and social practices and avoid areas that are widely regarded as more negative – like arms, tobacco and gambling.

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Faith based

These funds focus on faith-based issues. They tend to use negative ethical screening to invest in assets that align with a recognised religion or faith. Other funds may also be suitable for investors of faith, although their core focus is not religious beliefs.

ESG (Environmental, social, governance) weighted

These funds will consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) or sustainability issues, but aren’t wholly directed by them. They tend to favour companies with higher ESG or sustainability standards.

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Limited exclusions

These funds will only limit investment in, or exclude a small number of companies, such as tobacco companies or, companies that breach commonly adopted ESG standards. They may aim to encourage companies to improve their standards.

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Sustainable and ESG Fund List FAQs

How we choose funds for our sustainable fund list?
How often is the list updated?

Important information - please ensure that you read all the fund information documents before investing. Please note that the value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up so the client may get back less than they invest.