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Understanding market volatility

Please find below a wide range of topical market insights, volatility guides and client-facing material to support your client conversations.

CIO outlook: Searching for safe havens amid a stagflation shock

Higher inflation and reduced growth will be among the global economic impacts of the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine. Fidelity's Andrew McCaffery and team discuss options for investors in the current environment.

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Understanding market volatility

Financial history shows that from time to time markets experience bouts of heightened volatility for many reasons. Fidelity’s interactive tools look at the past and highlight lessons.

Guides for your clients

Client guide to multi asset

Demystifying and informing your clients on all they need to know about multi asset investing.

Putting time on your side

Summarising for your clients the benefits of taking a longer-term view.

When doing nothing is best

Explaining why it is usually best to remain fully invested through periods of uncertainty.