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Surviving retirement

Advising clients at and during retirement looks very different today to how it did in the past. The gradual shift away from defined benefits to defined contributions has moved the risk from employers to employees, and the pension freedom reforms have given unfettered access to pension funds. Combined with uncertainty in the markets and the ever-present spectre of inflation, the challenges for adviser and client are arguably greater today than they’ve ever been. 

We gathered a panel of industry specialists and advisers to talk about the many different influences that will play a part in how your clients live, save and spend during retirement. Tom McPhail from the lang cat, Sam Secomb from Women's Wealth and Toby Bentley from Lathe & Co answered questions from Fidelity’s Head of Retirement and Savings Development, Paul Squirrell.

Navigating the current retirement landscape

If you missed the webinar, or you would like to see it again if you were able to attend, please watch the edited highlights. 

Topics covered:

  • 00.56 - The current challenges facing advisers and their clients
  • 03.29 - Changing client attitudes at retirement 
  • 04.34 - Saving for retirement - where to start
  • 08.46 - The cost of long-term care
  • 12.55 - The suitability of retirement propositions
  • 16.33 - Managing income in retirement
  • 23.41 - Vulnerable clients and wealth transfer
  • 26.58 - The changing political and regulatory landscape
  • 32.12 - Equity release
  • 35.50 - FCA Thematic Review
  • 37.48 - Key takeaways
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