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Our pension

Automated drawdown made easy

Our pension allows you to set up automated regular crystallisations on behalf of clients. Phased withdrawals can be made monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually and there’s the ability to pay PCLS only, or with taxable income. These can be set up, tracked and managed online.

More on our phased drawdown service

Recommending our pension

Our pension is designed to offer value, choice and options at retirement with all the flexibility you need, including death benefit planning, and an extensive range of investment options.

  • Great value – an annual Service Fee of just 0.25%, plus an Investor Fee of £45 if not being paid on another account
  • Over 6,500 investment options, including company shares, investment trusts and ETFs
  • Cash withdrawal and drawdown options – at no extra cost
  • Adviser charging options – you can take initial, ongoing and specified ‘one-off’ fees
  • Full platform integration – with all our services, including model portfolios and management information reports
  • Online illustrations and dealing – for all transactions

Supporting you with your due diligence

To help you in your due diligence process, we have produced this document covering the reasons why you can recommend our pension to your clients. It complements the more detailed Product Specification which is also available on our website.

Download your due diligence guide

Choosing the right partner for your business

Selecting a long-term adviser services partner is a major decision for any advisory firm. Carefully researching prospective candidates is therefore crucial. Conducting due diligence also plays an important role in ensuring your firm meets the requirements of the Consumer Duty.

To help smooth your decision-making and review process, we have produced a range of due diligence materials that cover why our service and product wrappers could be suitable for your clients. 

Visit your due diligence hub
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Contact us

If you would like to talk to one of our specialists about our pension, please email us with a brief explanation of your enquiry and we will be in touch as soon as we can.


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