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Cybersecurity: keeping your business safe

Cybersecurity has never been more important, with phishing, email scams and data breaches all having risen in prominence across the industry. Here is a range of resources to help you stay safe. Some materials aim to assist business owners and practice managers with cybersecurity strategies while other items recommend some simple steps that all practitioners can take to boost their protection.

The fight against cybercrime goes on 2 min read

Cybersecurity: addressing behavioural risks - 3 min read

For practitioners and clients

Do your passwords pass the password test?

Safeguarding your devices with strong passwords is of the utmost importance. Check to see if your passwords follow best practice.

Six simple steps to protect your inbox

‘Email takeover’ is a very common feature of financial fraud and criminals are targeting advice firms and their clients. Find out how you can secure your inbox.

Six ways to spot a phishing attack

Phishing is an attempt to gather personal information or to compromise technology for the purpose of financial gain or malicious activities.

Email hacking: the risk to firms and their clients

Email hacking – taking over an account without someone’s knowledge – is becoming a common feature of financial fraud. Here we highlight how criminals operate.

Protecting your firm from financial fraud

Advisory firms can be particularly susceptible to being targeted by criminals. It’s therefore vital that firms take sufficient steps to reduce the risk and protect client accounts.

Helping your clients stay cyber safe at home, online and on the move

The best way to ensure we stay safe online is to be aware of the threats and know how to counter them. To aid your client discussions, we've put together a short guide.

For business owners and practice managers

The 12 security-related questions firms should ask their platform partner

Ensuring your clients' data and assets are safe should be a top priority for your platform partner. Our checklist is designed to support the due diligence process.

10 steps to protect your business from a cyber attack

Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly common and can have a big effect on a business. You can boost your protection by taking some effective and affordable steps.

Guides to share with your clients

  • Cybersecurity for everyone. Help and advice for staying safe at home, at work, online and on the move.
  • Fresh start Take a new look at your online identity and reclaim ownership of your personal privacy.
  • Digital keys Passwords, passkeys and the future of securing your identity.
  • Securing your home Living in a digital environment means being aware of cybersecurity at home.

How private is your personal information?

This short video demonstrates how anyone could easily get hold of your personal details.

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Online security

We use proven, industry-recognised security tools and processes to keep you and your clients' personal information secure.

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