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Model portfolios and DFM services

With the increased use of model portfolios and Discretionary Fund Management (DFM) services, we are continually improving the services we provide to both advice and DFMs firms.

Here you’ll find out all you need to know about:

  • How advice firms can set up and manage model portfolios and use defined models from DFMs.
  • How DFMs can create, amend, publish and transact across their portfolios within our secure online portal.

We do not charge for this service, although the DFM may do so.

Our DFM service lets you use defined models from Discretionary Fund Managers for ISAs, Investment Accounts and our Pension. We do not charge for this service, although the DFM may do so. 

A full list of available DFMs can be found here.

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Benefits of using a DFM on our platform

  • You can focus on financial planning while outsourcing investment decisions, helping you to manage risk within your business.
  • Your clients benefit from the investment expertise provided by the DFM.
  • You retain full visibility and ownership of your client accounts.
  • You can access downloadable investment portfolio x-ray reports, providing transparency for both you and your clients.
  • For ISAs, Investment Accounts and the Pension, we facilitate payment of any DFM fees directly to the DFM, reducing administration and costs for your business.

New enhancements

  • To increase efficiencies and reduce administration, we now offer split fees to advisers and DFMs.
  • With recent industry changes to DFM fees, fees can now be set up with or without VAT.
  • DFMs can opt into a service to deliver a quarterly client portfolio statement which also allows them to add their own commentary.
  • DFMs can now opt into a service that automatically notifies clients of a 10% depreciation in the value of their account(s) in a reporting period (calendar quarter).

Managing client accounts using a DFM

Our DFM service allows you to perform the following actions:

  • Link directly with your chosen DFMs to access and use their models.
  • Assign client accounts to those DFM models.
  • Purchase a DFM model directly for new business or realign existing client accounts.
  • Carry out rebalances to align your client accounts to a DFM model.
  • Align other account attributes, such as regular savings plans and withdrawal plans (only available for withdrawal plans if the DFM model does not include cash) to a DFM model.

A DFM can also manage models and realign client accounts directly.

Over 50 different DFMs are available through our service and you may choose more than one DFM, although only one portfolio per account can be used.

For detailed information on our DFM service, please view our webinar.

Frequently asked questions

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