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The rules relating to pensions can be incredibly confusing given the complexity of the Pensions Tax Manual. In order to throw light on some of the more obscure aspects of the rules relating to pensions, Paul Squirrell, our Pension expert, answers questions which routinely come up. You can also submit questions you may have below.

Paul Squirrell

An UFPLS withdrawal and the annual allowance tax charge

Will pension contributions in the same tax year be hit by the charge?

Paul Squirrell

Paul Squirrell Head of Retirement and Savings Development - 06 Apr 2024

Paul Squirrell

Employer’s contributions and PCLS recycling rules

Are employer's contributions excluded for PCLS recycling purposes

Paul Squirrell

Paul Squirrell Head of Retirement and Savings Development - 05 Jul 2023

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Meet our expert


Paul Squirrell FPFS

Paul is our Head of Retirement and Savings Development at Fidelity Adviser Solutions.

He is a retirement and savings specialist, helping advisers with the complexities and ongoing changes in tax legislation.

Paul started his career in Financial Services in 1987 and was working as a pension specialist in the employee benefits sector before joining Fidelity in 2007. Prior to that he was an Independent Financial Adviser in the Suffolk Area.

Paul is a Chartered Financial Planner and a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society.

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