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Financial crime

Fidelity recognises the value and importance of a business environment that operates on the basis of trust and integrity.

We recognise that financial crime in all its forms is a threat to this environment and we are committed to the prevention, detection and reporting of financial crime through risk based internal procedures, policies and systems.

We comply with all relevant legislation and regulation across the jurisdictions in which we operate. The prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing is the responsibility of all staff, who have a duty to be vigilant, follow relevant procedures and report any suspicion to the relevant MLRO in a timely manner. Fidelity complies with applicable laws and regulations and cooperate with law enforcement or regulatory authorities where required.

Know Your Customer, Investigation and Reporting

We have procedures designed and implemented to verify our client’s identity. Where suspicious activity is identified, our team of experienced investigators review the information and where necessary cooperate and report to law enforcement and regulatory authorities.

While all our management and staff have an obligation to follow our policy, we also have a global network of Money Laundering Reporting Officers whose job is to provide on the spot advice and guidance on financial crime issues, as well as work with the authorities on specific cases. 

Staff training

Our staff are trained in and possess the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to carry out their roles effectively. Training programmes are in place to ensure all of our staff maintain suitable and contemporary knowledge to enable them to carry out their roles in the most effective way possible.


Fidelity does not accept physical cash payments directly into its products.