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Tax planning opportunities for 2024/25

New or increased allowances may represent an opportunity for some clients while actions may be required to safeguard other tax breaks. Below is your complete guide to helping clients save in the most tax-efficient manner.


Replacement of the lifetime allowance

The replacement of the LTA means we need to completely rethink the way we approach pensions in terms of savings. How will the new allowances and transitional arrangements impact clients?


Helping clients maximise tax benefits

Ensuring clients save in the most tax-efficient way is one of the principal ways advisers add value. Here you can view insights on how to help clients maximise their valuable tax breaks.


Managing pension accounts

Need to know how much clients have contributed or received in pension income? Want to find out more about annual tax vouchers or benefit statements? We have reports and guides to help.


The Platform Clinic

Save time with our practical tips on making the most of the features and functionality of our platform when administering client accounts.


State Pension credits – checking for gaps

If a client has any gaps on their NI record, they may be able to pay voluntary contributions in order to fill these gaps.


Capital gains tax planning

The capital gains allowance has been reduced again and so it’s more important than ever to help clients minimise any capital gains tax liability.


FCA’s Retirement income advice review

The FCA is very focused on the role and delivery of retirement income advice. Find out what the main recommendations are from their thematic review.