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Paraplanner technical hub

Supporting paraplanners in a world of constant change

Paraplanner Team Leader Event

We hosted the latest Paraplanner Team Leader event at our London office, in association with Professional Paraplanner. Over 40 paraplanners attended in-person for the mentoring and soft skills training day. Watch our video highlights.

Talking points – the latest technical insights in one place

  • Retirement savings hierarchy webinar
  • Retirement insights and strategies
  • Adviser research
  • Update: ‘Replacement’ of the lifetime allowance
  • The NMPA and protected retirement ages
  • Consumer Duty support zone
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Fidelity Talking Points

Retirement savings hierarchy webinar

Fidelity’s Paul Squirrell runs through how recent tax changes affect the planning process while Jon Hale demonstrates our platform functionality.

Challenges and strategies for income in retirement

The introduction of unfettered drawdown means planning an income in retirement is far from straightforward.

Considerations around the State Pension

Guides and insights on the State Pension – the foundation block of retirement income planning for most retirees.

Consumer Duty update

As part of our continuing drive to provide good consumer outcomes, we’ve now published our Target Market and Value Assessment statements on our Consumer Duty hub page.

Due diligence: choosing the right partner

Selecting a long-term adviser services partner is a major decision for any advisory firm. Our due diligence materials cover why our service and product wrappers could be suitable for your clients.

Your 10 must-do tasks for the 2023/24 tax year

Here we provide a number of ideas to ensure your clients are making the most of their savings and investments.


The Pension forum

Paul Squirrell, our pension expert, answers technical questions raised via our Pension forum.

Topics include:

  • Taking a PCLS after age 75 and the maximum payment that can be made
  • An UFPLS withdrawal and the annual allowance tax charge 
  • Employer’s contributions and PCLS recycling rules

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Navigating the retirement maze

Post pension freedoms, more people are choosing drawdown for their retirement, many without advice, and often withdrawing at rates of income that may not last a lifetime. What’s more, retirement is increasingly a transition. Against this background, adviser firms need to take a holistic view of retirement, managing and adapting their clients’ plans as circumstances change. Our range of reports look at these issues and show how you can help clients achieve a better retirement.


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Jackie Boylan interview with Professional Paraplanner

Jackie Boylan, Head of Fidelity Adviser Solutions, spoke to Professional Paraplanner about winning their 'Best Provider Website 2023' award. She also discussed why it’s important to continue providing support to paraplanners.

5-min read

Professional Paraplanner 2023 Awards

We are delighted and proud to announce that Fidelity Adviser Solutions has been named as ‘Best Provider Website’ at the Professional Advisers Awards 2023. These awards are a barometer of success for providers and advisers from all corners of the UK. They recognise the very best in the industry in multi-asset investing, platform provision, adviser support, paraplanning and adviser engagement.


Professional Paraplanner’s Development Zone

Personal and professional development is a fundamental aspect of being a great paraplanner. Here, you can access insightful, practical, and enlightening articles to help your development journey.

Paraplanning in a pandemic 2021 report

We are delighted once again to be sponsoring Professional Paraplanner’s unique report into the role of the paraplanner in what has been a challenging period.

Professional Paraplanner 2021 Awards

We are incredibly honoured to have received the Professional Paraplanner Editor’s Choice Award, a special prize that recognises exceptional support given to paraplanners over the last five years.

Previous reports and articles

Professional Paraplanner – Business Focus

In 2020 we celebrated our 20th anniversary. Rob Kingsbury spoke to Jackie Boylan, Head of Fidelity Adviser Solutions, about the milestone, her career, diversity in financial services.

Professional Paraplanner – interview with Jackie Boylan

Jackie Boylan, Head of Fidelity Adviser Solutions, spoke to Professional Paraplanner about winning their 'Best Provider Website 2020' award. She also discusses how we’re using client feedback.

The Rise of the Paraplanner Report

Research into the paraplanner role has revealed a significant growth in the influence of paraplanners in financial planning firms over the past 5 years.

Other areas of interest

Pension lifetime allowance adviser support package

LTA support material all in one place.

The beneficiaries flexi-access drawdown conumdrum

Pitfalls and issues to be considered with the payment of beneficiaries flexi-access drawdown death benefits.

Pensions ‘in-depth’: tax relief and annual allowances

The law and mechanisms underpinning tax relief on pension contributions and matters relating to annual allowances, tapered annual allowance and the annual allowance tax charge.

Retirement and pensions training

Whether you want to improve your pension technical knowledge or are studying for your pension exams, these videos are a valuable source of information and insight to support you in navigating.

Compliance and regulatory matters

Expert insight to help you stay up to date with changing regulation.


Your guide to Fidelity’s Adviser Solutions

Your guide to the services and solutions we provide, as well as the products and investment options we offer.

New to Fidelity Adviser Solutions?

Find out what we offer to help you build profitable and sustainable financial businesses.