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ESG perspectives and COP26

Ahead of the 2021 COP26 climate change conference held in Glasgow, we asked a number of leading sustainable fund managers about their approaches to investing and their views on how the landscape has changed for investors seeking ethical returns. They also presented their hopes and aspirations for the COP26 conference and, even though it has now concluded, their views on what success would look like are as relevant now as prior to the event.

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When a portfolio becomes a cause, investors become dedicated to it

Morningstar's Martin Coyle explains how ESG investing has the potential to deepen the commitment investors have to their portfolios and thus help them stay the course when others abandon ship.

ESG outlook 2022: The future of ESG investing

J.P. Morgan discuss why investor demand for sustainable investment funds that incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors is expected to grow sharply once again this year.

Selecting stocks for an environmentally sustainable future

Paul Quinsee of J.P. Morgan Asset Management, discusses how even before COP26, the relevance of sustainability has been increasingly obvious to governments, companies, consumers and investors.

In praise of choice

Choice is generally considered a good thing. In asset management, as well as reducing the risk of bubbles, it also helps advisers to better match their clients’ values and principles.

Fidelity research finds link between ESG and dividend growth

Utilising Fidelity’s Sustainability Ratings, we recently analysed the relationship between sustainability and dividend payments to shareholders.

Cows, methane and the climate threat

Fidelity’s portfolio managers and analysts discuss a number of pioneering new methods to avoid or reduce emissions from livestock, and how these are appealing to investors focused on sustainability.