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ESG perspectives

Latest insights

The future of sustainable investment

Commentators have questioned the future of sustainable investing. Liontrust explain why they are more excited about prospects for their sustainable themes and stocks than they have been for years.

Digging deeper - what is ESG?

With demand growing for investments that are aligned with ESG issues, it's increasingly important to be able to understand your clients' sustainable investing preferences.

Why are we bored of ESG?

High profile greenwashing and performance of fossil fuel stocks has led to outflows from sustainable funds. Does this mean we are bored of ESG or is it merely a bump in the road?

Sustainability and portfolio returns

Measuring the financial impact of integrating ESG issues into investment decisions is complex. J.P. Morgan look at key considerations when it comes to measuring sustainability and performance.

Accelerating the transition to clean energy

Thiemo Lang, Senior Portfolio Manager of the Polar Capital Smart Energy Fund, explores how significant a development the US Inflation Reduction Act is for the clean energy sector.

The Energy Transition – trends reshaping the future of investing

Transitioning to electrified energy systems could create vast investment opportunities. Premier Miton’s Duncan Goodwin considers what the future of energy provision may look like.

Towards a new climate

Newton’s global head of sustainable investment, Therese Niklasson, considers the origins of global warming, the threat it presents and some preventative measures we can take on the road to net zero.

Actively engaging with the oil majors on the energy transition.

Can you be determined to act on climate change and continue to invest in the oil and gas majors? Premier Miton’s Emma Mogford highlights the power of engagement to drive positive change.

How do we find opportunities in the high-carbon transition?

As companies attempt their transition to a net-zero world, Sarasin look at what it means for investors and how they assess the credibility of companies’ climate claims.