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What is sustainable investment?

Sustainable investing describes strategies that invest on the basis of fulfilling and/or delivering on specific sustainability outcomes. There are many terms used to describe sustainable investing, such as responsible, socially responsible, green, ethical and impact investing. Whatever term you may use, there is no denying that investing with a conscience – where Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors are important considerations – is no longer a niche area. Many more clients are now taking an active interest in just how their money is invested.

Here you will find useful resources and tools on the basics of sustainable investing, how ESG considerations can be built into the advice process and the ESG fund options available through our platform. We also feature a wide range of fund partner insights on this rapidly growing area of investment.

NextWealth ESG Tracker Report 2020

Find out the latest adviser trends on sustainable investing: how the views of investors are changing and why platforms, investment houses and financial advisers all need to adapt to this growing theme.

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Sustainable investing: into the mainstream

The money flowing into sustainable investments is growing considerably – as is the number of funds. This move has been led by institutional investors but, as wider society has become more aware of environmental and social issues, retail investors have come on board too.

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Sustainable investing: ESG considerations and approaches

What Environmental, Social and Governance factors are considered when managers research stocks for their portfolios? How are sustainable funds managed – do they all take the same approach to inclusions and exclusions? Are the differences important from a client perspective?

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ESG: A changing regulatory climate

There has been a wave of legislation and regulatory changes aimed at promoting more sustainable investing over the last few years. To date, this has predominantly impacted institutional investors but this could change. For example, the FCA have commented on investment advice and clients’ ESG preferences.

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Discover the sustainable fund options on FundsNetwork

In total, we offer over 200 sustainably-managed funds from 59 different fund groups through our platform.

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Virtual event: Investing in a sustainable future

 Fidelity and external experts shine a light on the rise of sustainable investing and discuss the implications for policymakers, companies and the investment industry. Visit Fidelity's post-event hub to access session recordings and summaries, as well as additional bonus content from their investment team.

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