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Sustainable investing and all things ESG

Insights, guides and fund information to aid your client discussions

What is sustainable investment?

Sustainable investing describes strategies that invest on the basis of fulfilling and/or delivering on specific sustainability outcomes. There are many terms used to describe sustainable investing, such as responsible, socially responsible, green, ethical and impact investing. Whatever term you may use, there is no denying that investing with a conscience – where Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors are important considerations – is no longer a niche area. Many more clients are now taking an active interest in just how their money is invested.

Fidelity Corporate Sustainability report

Sustainable investing is developing fast, driven by the pandemic and climate change. Read our first ever Corporate Sustainability Report published alongside our Sustainable Investing Report.

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NextWealth’s 2021 report ‘ESG Tracking Study

This study looks at implementation of ESG principles in financial advice businesses. Focusing on adviser adoption, client interest, the advice process and investment propositions in ESG investing.

Read the report in full

How does ESG investing work?

Are your clients worried about climate change and how their money is invested? We explain the difference between negative and positive screening.

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Here you will find useful resources and tools on the basics of sustainable investing, how ESG considerations can be built into the advice process and the ESG fund options available through our platform. We also feature a wide range of fund partner insights on this rapidly growing area of investment.

Do your clients understand ESG investing?

In this client-friendly guide, we aim to decode the concept and some of the complexity around sustainable investing, to help you and your clients have better discussions around ESG.

Discover what sustainable fund options are available

We offer over 460 sustainably-managed funds from 91 different fund groups through our platform.


Adviser guide to sustainable investing

Which factors do fund managers take into account when investing responsibly? What different investment approaches are there and do managers adhere to certain standards?


Sustainable investing glossary

A common issue cited with sustainable investing is a lack of clarity over the language used. Our glossary defines some of the more frequently used terms in this field of investment.


Sustainable investing and the advice process

Clients increasingly want to match their money with their morals. Taking account of their ESG preferences within the factfinding process is therefore good practice.

Sustainable investing: into the mainstream

The money flowing into sustainable investments is growing considerably – as is the number of funds. This move has been led by institutional investors but, now retail investors are onboard.

Sustainable investing: ESG considerations and approaches

What Environmental, Social and Governance factors are considered when managers research stocks for their portfolios? Do they all take the same approach to inclusion?

ESG: A changing regulatory climate

There has been a wave of legislation and regulatory changes aimed at promoting more sustainable investing over the last few years. How do advisers now need to adapt their approach to investing?

Fund Partner insights

In praise of choice

Choice is generally considered a good thing. In asset management, as well as reducing the risk of bubbles, it also helps advisers to better match their clients’ values and principles.

Fidelity research finds link between ESG and dividend growth

Utilising Fidelity’s Sustainability Ratings, we recently analysed the relationship between sustainability and dividend payments to shareholders.

Cows, methane and the climate threat

Fidelity’s portfolio managers and analysts discuss a number of pioneering new methods to avoid or reduce emissions from livestock, and how these are appealing to investors focused on sustainability.

New to Fidelity Adviser Solutions?

Find out what we offer to help you build profitable and sustainable financial businesses.

Important Information - Please note that the value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up so your client may get back less than they invest.