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Helping clients with their financial wellness

Financial wellness – or financial wellbeing – is about feeling secure and in control.  It’s about having a good relationship with money, making the most of it day to day. It involves adopting better financial behaviours to be able to deal with the unexpected and being on track for a healthy financial future. Here we present several articles you can share with your clients that explore different aspects of managing money to help them feel confident, empowered and more financially resilient through good financial planning.

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Image of Exploring happiness

Exploring happiness

In recent decades, there’s been a significant rise in interest and research into how we can become happier – as individuals and as societies. Here, we share some key findings from the research – and explore how financial planning can contribute to happiness.

7-min read

Exploring what makes us unique

In this guide, we explore what makes someone unique and why it matters when planning their money.

Broadly, there are two ways for people to start planning their money – looking for the best financial products and investments or considering what they want in the future for themselves and their loved ones. This guide explains why the second approach is easier.

6-min read
Image of what makes us unique

Image of attitudes to money guide

Exploring attitudes to money

This insight is for anyone who wants to achieve more life goals but feels their attitude to money might be holding them back.

It can be hard for someone to change an attitude, especially those based on beliefs acquired in their formative years, as is often the case on questions of money and life. 

10-min read

Exploring money worries

If a client is worried about money – they’re not alone. Here we explore some of the most common money worries – and point to some potential sources of help.

7-min read
Image of financial worries guide

Image of financial planning guide

Exploring financial planning

This guide will help clients to start thinking about what matters most when designing or reviewing their financial life plan with you. It runs through the six steps clients need to go through in order to create a robust financial plan.

7-min read

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