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Investment considerations for a retirement portfolio

Here you’ll find a selection of Fidelity and other fund partners insights on pension and retirement income planning.

The advice gap in retirement

Few deny that demand for advice in retirement outstrips advisers’ ability to supply it. What role do advisers have in solving this problem?  BNY Mellon explore.

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What can future generations expect from retirement?

Income funds in decumulation

Income-led strategies are reportedly one of the least used approaches for clients decumulating retirement wealth. In this article, BNY Mellon look at why this might be and why this could be changing.

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Life beyond work

Meet Jessica, a 60-year old considering her retirement options. This infographic from BNY Mellon highlights the importance of finding the right balance between risk and reward.

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Key issues facing those giving retirement advice

Richard Parkin, Head of Retirement at BNY Mellon Investment Management sets out the four main challenges he believes are facing those giving retirement advice in the UK.

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Income or accumulation

Head of Retirement a BNY Mellon, Richard Parkin, explains some key differences between retirement income clients and those who are still accumulating wealth.

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Delivering advice in a digital world

Using the findings from their recent retirement research, BNY Mellon explore why ultimately, embracing technology may become a competitive necessity for adviser businesses.

The demographic challenge

The UK is ageing steadily as Baby Boomers arc toward retirement and birth rates fall. Rathbone Income Fund co-manager Carl Stick argues these shifts are exerting immense pressure on our lives.

Limited Resilience: the right risk for retirement

BNY Mellon’s Richard Parkin explores why it is important to recognise that retirement clients might have limited resilience when creating an investment strategy.

All change for retirement advice?

Research from BNY Mellon uncovered tension between industry experts pointing to a need to adapt the traditional advice model and practitioners who saw little need to change what they do.

Talking Markets – Retirement Income

Premier Miton’s Jonathan Willcocks, and David Jane discuss income strategies for clients in retirement, including the benefits of natural income vs unit encashment and the dangers of sequencing risk.

Tackling the UK retirement challenge

BNY Mellon’s Head of Retirement, Richard Parkin, reflects on his route into financial services and the looming UK retirement challenge ahead.

Managing income through structured products

In this short guide, Brooks Macdonald explain what structured products are, how they work and what purpose they serve.

The retirement solution checklist 2.0

Ninety One outline why investors should take an active approach to access different sources of return and means of managing risk; i.e focus on the outcomes, not just the income.

Decumulation: why seven years for the short-term portfolio?

Brooks Macdonald highlight how you can help your clients secure a long-term income from their investments.


Understanding multi-asset investing

With so many investment products in the marketplace, we know how confusing it can be for clients understanding what the differences are. This short client guide explains all about multi asset investing: what it is, how it works, and how it could help your clients with their investment goals.

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