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Tax returns and managing pension accounts

We have run the Pension Summary report as close to the end of tax year as possible. This will show, for all your pension clients, the pension income received and gross contributions for the 2023/24 tax year, which may be useful for tax returns and managing pension accounts such as calculating carry forward.

The Pension Summary report can be accessed by logging into the platform and selecting 'Firm' from the left-hand menu, then clicking on 'Reporting Services'. The report will be listed under 'Pension Summary' and will be the report dated 05 April 2024. Please note, any transactions made on 5 April 2024 may not be included. Please contact us if you need details of these.

Tax vouchers and annual statements

Annual tax vouchers

Copies of clients’ annual tax vouchers for 2023/24 are available online from the beginning of May so you can see what income payments they have received. The Annual Distribution Summary report will be made available in June via our Reporting Services facility.

Client guide to their tax voucher: This guide is designed to help your clients understand their tax voucher. It will tell them how the figures in the first section, known as the ‘consolidated’ tax voucher, should be included in their self-assessment tax return (if they have to complete one).

Download guide

Annual Benefit Statement

Clients’ Annual Benefits Statements/Summaries were sent out in May. The document provides a summary of how a pension has changed over the course of the year, along with a projection of what a pension might be worth when a client reaches their intended retirement age.

Where can your client find their Annual Benefit Statement?

Annual Benefit Statements can be found in your client’s online documents, marked as ‘Statement & Valuation’, indexed against their pension account number. We may have posted this out to clients, depending on their document delivery preferences.

Points to note:

  • Any tax relief not received by the date shown on the Annual Benefit Statement will not appear on your clients’ statement for the 2023/24 tax year.
  • Any pending tax relief will be included in the client’s statement for 2024/25.
  • Any contribution received after 5 April 2024 will not be shown on a client’s statement. A letter will be sent to the client confirming this and it will be shown on next year’s Annual Benefit Statement.
  • The Annual Benefit Statement should not be used for the purposes of a client’s tax return.

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