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Helping clients maximise tax benefits

Helping clients save in the most tax-efficient way is one of the principal ways advisers add value. Here, we look at a number of ways you can help your clients maximise their tax breaks.

2024/25 tax tables

All the rates and thresholds for 2024/25.

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Pensions are now even more attractive

The attraction of saving into a pension became a whole lot more in March 2023 when a number of pension allowances were boosted in the Spring Budget.


Pensions – still the first port of call for retirement savings

Paul Squirrell explains why pensions should still be the starting point for clients saving for their retirement.


Maximising tax benefits within an ISA

Paul Squirrell considers why it makes sense to use the ISA sooner rather than later in the tax year. He also looks at an alternative to paying fees from within this tax-advantaged wrapper.


Investing beyond pensions and ISAs

A client has money to invest but they have already made their pension contributions and used up their ISA allowance. So, what should they do next?


The LTA replacement regime explained

With the lifetime allowance replacement now in force, Paul Squirrell explains why this is good news for clients saving for their retirement.


Transitional tax-free amount certificates

Where clients accessed their pension prior to 6 April 2024 and used part or all of their LTA, they have the option to apply for a certificate providing them with additional allowances.