The beneficiaries flexi-access drawdown conundrum

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A quick overview

Paul Kennedy and Paul Squirrell, our tax and pension experts, discuss pitfalls and issues to be considered with the payment of beneficiaries flexi-access drawdown death benefits.

11-minute watch

This video was recorded prior to implementation of social distancing measures.

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The rough guide to money purchase pension death benefit options

Our flowchart provides a simple analysis of the underlying law and the evaluation to follow for each potential beneficiary.

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Pension death benefits payable under money purchase schemes

Topics include:

  • Income tax treatment of benefits paid following the death of the member under age 75
  • Income tax treatment on death age 75 and over
  • Charity lump sum death benefits
  • Inheritance tax treatment
  • Expressions of wish

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Pension death benefits payable under defined benefit schemes

Topics include:

  • Death in service, in deferment or in retirement
  • Potential beneficiaries
  • Taxation – member’s death before age 75
  • Pension freedom rules

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Expression of Wish and Nomination form guide

A client-friendly guide explaining the importance of completing an expression of wish.

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