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How smoothing works

To help achieve a smoother investment journey, the fund spreads an investment across a diversified range of asset classes, including equities, bonds, property securities and money market instruments including cash. The value of the fund is smoothed and aims to increase at an Estimated Growth Rate (EGR) which reflects Standard Life’s longer-term growth expectations for the fund (this rate is regularly reviewed). If the unit price of the underlying fund drifts away from the smoothed fund unit price by more than a set amount, then the unit price of the smoothed fund will be adjusted to bring it closer to the underlying fund value.

Your guide to the Standard Life Smoothed Return Pension Fund

Helping you deliver a life more certain for your retirement clients.

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Client guide — Smoothing your journey to retirement

A guide for your clients providing an overview of the Standard Life Smoothed Return Pension Fund.

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Smoothing explained for clients

You can use this video to support your client discussions around how a smoothed fund can work for their pension investments.

Have you got further questions or would like more information?

If you have any questions or would like more information about the Standard Life Smoothed Pension Return Fund, then please contact Standard Life by email here.

Should your query be related to your use of the platform in relation to selecting this fund please contact us by email here.