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How to hold cash

Existing investments on the platform

If your investment proposition is to run model portfolios but you want to have a cash holding alongside your investment proposition, it is possible to split an existing account allowing you to move a portion of the investment out of the existing account into a new account to which the cash strategy can apply. Should you need to merge the accounts back at a later date, this can easily be done too.

Once the accounts have been split, you can adopt different fee structures for the different accounts.


Useful forms:

  • ISA merger & split form - use this form when you wish to merge two ISAs into one, or to split one ISA into two. No client signature required.
  • Stock transfer form – use this form if you wish to split a solely held investment or a jointly held Investment Account (please note for the latter a Joint Holder Supplement form will also be required). 
  • Joint Holder Supplement form – this form should accompany a stock transfer form if you are splitting a jointly held Investment Account.

All of these forms can be sent to us using your Upload & Send service.

New investments

For new investments onto the platform, you can choose to invest into an existing account or open a new account (for ISAs and Investment Accounts) in order to have different investment strategies.

For example, should you want to apply a cash strategy to the new investment amount, but want to retain the existing holdings in their current investment strategy, you can simply select to open a new account for the new money being invested and apply a cash strategy to this, leaving the existing assets untouched.