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Re-registrations and transfers

If your answer to any of the questions below is yes, then we can help you:

  • Are you considering transferring assets to Fidelity Adviser Solutions?
  • Are you looking to review your existing provider with a view to changing platforms?
  • Are you considering a new platform for a specific segment of your clients?

We can support you, help you manage the whole process from start to finish, and understand what's involved in transferring clients to us.

If you would like to discuss anything related to re-registrations or transfers, or simply new business opportunities, please email us with a brief explanation of your enquiry and we will be in touch as soon as we can.

Our commitment to you

We understand moving clients to a new platform, for whatever reason, has historically been perceived as a time consuming, labour intensive task.

We understand the challenges by talking to firms like yours and have taken the opportunity to completely review our re-registration and transfer proposition. This will help us to fully support you prior to, during and upon completion of any applications on behalf of your clients. Hopefully making your experience simpler and more efficient.

Benefits in working with us


  • A fully compliant process that supports the requirements of the FCA’s Platform Market Study
  • We only ask for client signatures if the existing provider requires a letter of authority
  • As a member of TISA Exchange Limited (TEX), we provide automated electronic transfers between fund managers and other platforms, allowing for a smoother process.
  • Our re-registration and transfer process is fully online.


  • Support from our experienced and skilled transfer specialists
  • Consultative engagement to help design and implement your bespoke transfer plan
  • Continuous point of contact throughout your transfer project.


  • Online illustrations are available if required
  • Within an Investment account, you can enter the acquisition costs once assets are re-registered, in order to receive capital gains reporting
  • Re-registration and transfer tracking tool provided as an integral part of your clients' accounts.


  • We support you in understanding whether the fund/share class held by your clients are available on the platform and available for re-registration
  • A bulk re-registration/transfer service, should you wish to move a book of business altogether.

This service is available for ISAs, Pensions and Investment Accounts. We also offer a cash transfer service for ISAs and Pensions.

How are transfers changing?

As part of the Meeting of Minds event with Owen James, Jennifer Belton, Senior Manager, Adviser Experience at Fidelity spoke to advisers about how transfers between platforms are changing in light of new FCA guidance.

Making transfers simpler

In order to make transfers between platforms easier, the FCA are introducing some new rules from 1 February 2021. In future, platforms will be required to work together to find common share classes so that more in-specie transfers (re-registrations) can take place.

Download your summary

Other useful information

We have listed below some general points for consideration, as in our experience understanding the process and what’s expected is key to a successful transfer for your clients:

  • Where are the assets moving from? i.e. platform, fund manager directly, product provider, Bank/Building Society?
  • What type of accounts are you transferring, ISAs, Investment Accounts or Pensions?
  • What types of fund/share classes are held?
  • Are you considering a re-registration or cash transfers?
  • Do any of the clients take an income and how do you intend to manage the income during the transfer process?
  • How will you communicate the planned transfer to the client?
  • Over what timescales are you looking to move the assets?

As mentioned at the top of the page, please email us if you would like to discuss new business opportunities or anything related to re-registrations or transfers.