Pension and tax planning guides

A range of guides, factsheets and insights to support you and your clients.

The pension lifetime allowance

In this guide, we examine some of the aspects of the lifetime allowance and how it can affect retirement planning.

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Supporting you with your pension due diligence

A guide covering the reasons why you can recommend our Pension to your clients.

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Recommending our ISA and Investment Account

Supporting you in your due diligence process

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The State Pension – a technical guide

Here we examine the differences between the old and new State Pensions and the options open to clients should they wish to boost their entitlement or defer their State Pension.

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Pension considerations at tax year end

A 17 minute video

Pension and tax experts Paul Kennedy and Paul Squirrell take us through a step-by-step approach.

Pension death benefits and tax

An 18 minute video

Pensions can play a far more dynamic role in terms of succession and inheritance tax planning. Paul Kennedy explores both the structure and taxation of death benefits from money purchase pensions.

Retirement videos to support CII exams

Watch our technical videos to improve your knowledge or prepare for your upcoming pension exams.

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