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Pension death benefits

Check the status of Expression of Wish forms

In the event of a client’s death, their pension will usually provide benefits to be passed on to others. An Expression of Wish form is used to name the individuals the scheme administrator should consider when exercising their discretion as to whom any benefits may be paid. It is therefore crucial that Fidelity pension clients complete and send this form on to us. It is also important to regularly review and send an updated form whether the beneficiaries have changed or not.

Our Pension Summary report identifies if we have received an Expression of Wish form for a client, the date the latest form was registered and who the nomination is made to.

Next steps

  1. Run your Pension Summary report – select 'Firm' from the left-hand menu of our Client Management facility followed by 'Reporting Services'. You'll then be able to select the report which will be ready within 24 hours. 

    If you need more help with using the Pension Summary report, you may find it useful to download our user guide.
  2. Where necessary, arrange for an Expression of Wish form to be completed and sent to us:

Expression of Wish and Nomination form

Expression of Wish and Nomination form (including Charities and Trusts)


Expression of Wish and Nomination form guide

A client-friendly guide explaining the importance of completing an expression of wish.

Download now

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