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Our goal is to help firms like yours to build strong, profitable and sustainable businesses and to give you all the support you need. In particular, we want to make your working life easier, whatever role you perform for your firm. As you familiarise yourself with our platform, you’ll find a whole host of services designed to help you.

A short message for new platform users from Jackie Boylan, Head of FundsNetwork

Jackie provides a quick overview on some of the recent developments and those coming soon to our platform.

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FundsNetwork facts

This one page summary gives a quick overview of how FundsNetwork supports adviser firms and includes a summary of latest enhancements and new developments.

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Your guide to Fidelity’s Adviser Solutions

Your guide to the services and solutions we provide, as well as the products and investment options we offer.

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Who we are

A leading investment and retirement services platform committed to advisory firms.

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Flexibility and 24/7 access are just two advantages of using our platform.

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You can call us free on any business day between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm.

Transfer of business

There are three scenarios in which clients can be moved between firms.

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Retirement, tax and compliance support, with videos and helpful guides.

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Find answers quickly to the questions we are most frequently asked.

Awards and recognition

Our commitment to building long-term relationships with advisory firms has earned us a number of industry accolades and top ratings.