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The Connected Farm: How AgTech is utilising data to change the future of agriculture

Jeniev Shah, of Sarasin & Partners, looks at why investing in food and agriculture is attractive with the ‘food economy’ currently on a structural upward growth trajectory.

Jeniev Shah Jeniev Shah
Deputy Fund Manager and Analyst
20 Sep 2018

The lure of renewables

After years of debate over costs versus rewards, has renewable energy finally come of age? Paul Flood surveys the market landscape.

Paul Flood Paul Flood
Portfolio Manager, Newton, a BNY Mellon company
05 Sep 2018

Growth & income investing in emerging markets

Julian Mayo discusses the increasing dividends that emerging market companies are offering shareholders.

Julian Mayo Julian Mayo
Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Strategist, Fiera Capital
23 Aug 2018

How flexible is flexible?

Andrew Harman explores the pitfalls to avoid in order to stay true to your investment process.

Andrew Harman Andrew Harman
Portfolio Manager, First State Diversified Growth Fund
18 Jul 2018

Five points about active management

Peter Elston outlines five key points he believes are key when considering actively managed solutions.

Peter Elston Peter Elston
Chief Investment Officer, Seneca Investment Managers
04 Jul 2018

High Yield – Bifurcation creating opportunities in the retail sector

Thomas Moore explores opportunities for bond investors, with many household names coming under scrutiny.

Thomas Moore Thomas Moore
Fund Manager, Invesco Perpetual
13 Jun 2018

Infrastructure – investing for growth

Steven Kempler on how underinvestment in infrastructure affects global listed infrastructure as an asset class.

Steven Kempler Steven Kempler
Portfolio Manager, Maple-Brown Abbott Global Listed Infrastructure
30 May 2018

Actively allocating to an improved UK outlook

George Godber on how investors can make the most of opportunities against an improved UK outlook.

George Godber George Godber
Fund manager, Polar Capital UK Value Opportunities Fund
22 May 2018

Are defensive assets a safe bet?

Bill McQuaker discusses why we’ve seen an atypical response from traditionally ‘defensive’ assets.

Bill McQuaker Bill McQuaker
Portfolio Manager, Multi Asset Open range, Fidelity International
10 May 2018

New technology and long-term economic growth

A look at the effect of technological change on the global economy and labour force.

John Bilton John Bilton
Head of Global Multi-Asset Strategy, Multi-Asset Solutions, J.P. Morgan
04 Apr 2018

Keeping the lid on risk

Thomas wells explains why volatility isn’t necessarily a very good measure of risk.

Thomas Wells Thomas Wells
Multi-Asset Fund Manager, Aviva Investors
13 Mar 2018

Where should investors look for opportunities in 2018?

Hugh Young of Aberdeen Standard Investments Asia, reflects on the fact that after a turbo-charged 2017, investors have become nervous of a market sell-off. But while the bull cycle is ten years old, its end is not necessarily imminent.

Hugh Young Hugh Young
Managing Director of Aberdeen Standard Investments, Asia
28 Feb 2018

A guide to ‘defensification’

John Stopford and Jason Borbora of Investec Diversified Income Fund reflect on how investors can protect themselves against the risk of a market sell-off now.

John Stopford & Jason Borbora John Stopford & Jason Borbora
Investec Diversified Income Fund
12 Feb 2018

The good, the bad and the ugly

Torcail Stewart of Baillie Gifford explains that in this buoyant market, the preferred vehicles tend to be Exchange Traded Index funds (ETFs), funds that seek to replicate and track the market.

Torcail Stewart Torcail Stewart
Investment Manager, Baillie Gifford & Co
01 Feb 2018

How to protect cautious investors against the threats of normalisation

Sam Liddle of Church House Investment Management, explores how Floating Rate Notes provide a hedge against rising interest rates, as well as a higher return than deposit cash, with full liquidity and low volatility.

Sam Liddle Sam Liddle
Sales Director, Church House Investment Management
23 Jan 2018

Something in the air

Growing funding pressures and healthy demand are helping to create new investment opportunities in the aviation finance sector. Paul Flood of Newton multi-asset income manager, explores the latest trends in the sector.

Paul Flood Paul Flood
Portfolio Manager, Newton, a BNY Mellon company
11 Jan 2018

Innovative companies

Ian Mortimer of Guinness Global Innovators explains that innovative companies can maintain a competitive edge which translates into superior financial and stock performance. That’s why assessing innovation is key when assembling growth stocks.

Ian Mortimer Ian Mortimer
Portfolio Manager, Guinness Global Innovators
04 Dec 2017

FundsNetwork press releases

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Pat Shea, Head of Fidelity FundsNetwork, to retire

After a career spanning over 33 years, Pat Shea, Head of Fidelity FundsNetwork, has decided to retire at the end of 2018.

Press Releases Press Releases
25 Jul 2018

Strategic bonds sales soar, FundsNetwork data reveals

The Strategic Bond sector soared to the top of the sales table in May, according to the latest FundsNetwork data.

Press Releases Press Releases
27 Jun 2018

Demand for diversification continues, FundsNetwork sales data reveals

The Global sector narrowly pipped the Mixed Investment 40-85% sector to the top spot in the sales chart in April, according to the latest FundsNetwork data.

Press Releases Press Releases
31 May 2018

Sales in mixed assets continue to boom, FundsNetwork data reveals

The Mixed Investment 40-85% sector held the top spot in the sales chart in March for the second month in a row, according to the latest FundsNetwork data.

Press Releases Press Releases
25 Apr 2018

Mixed investments reclaim the top spot, FundsNetwork sales data reveals

The Mixed Investment 40-85% Shares sector took the number one spot in the sector sales chart in February, the latest FundsNetwork data has revealed.

Press Releases Press Releases
28 Mar 2018

Strategic bond sector overtakes mixed asset investments in the FundsNetwork sales tables

The Strategic Bond sector overtook the Mixed Investment sectors (40-85% Shares and 20-60% Shares) to top the sales charts in January, the latest FundsNetwork data reveals.

Press Releases Press Releases
28 Feb 2018