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Investment Outlook

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Could AI spell trouble for legacy tech companies?

Nick Evans of Polar Capital discusses why AI is not just a subset of technology but rather the new overarching theme marking the start of a major new cycle.

Challenger comebacks

Rathbone’s Robbie Carr marvels at the speed of an FA Cup comeback. He wonders if UK small and mid-sized companies could soon post a rapid recovery of their own?

Stopping the exodus to Uncle Sam

What’s needed to stem the flow of UK companies rushing to list abroad? Rathbone’s David Coombs has some suggestions.

Opportunities from secular growth trends

Liontrust’s John Husselbee explains why cyclical trends of the past few years are returning to more normalised levels and it is structural growth trends that should be driving portfolio construction.

Mending fences

Will McIntosh-Whyte of Rathbones ponders whether previously traumatised investors in Japan’s stock market will finally feel safe returning there.

Fixed Income: How a monetary policy tool could unsettle markets

The US Federal Reserve’s Overnight Reserve Repurchase (ON RRP) facility could run out in the next few months, and concerns are emerging over the potential impact on financial markets.

Are you concentrating?

Concentration risk is pronounced in the UK market. Rathbone UK Opportunities Fund manager Alexandra Jackson explains that UK smaller and mid-sized stocks offer much better breadth.

Principles for successful long-term investing

Successful investing isn’t predicting the future. It’s learning from the past and understanding the present. J.P. Morgan present seven strategies for guiding portfolios towards tomorrow’s goals.

Talking Markets – UK Value Investing

Looking at headwinds faced in 2023, Matthew Tillett, Manager of the Premier Miton UK Value Opportunities Fund, discusses how he navigated these challenges and opportunities he sees in 2024.