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Public complaints data

Complaints received and resolved by Financial Administration Services Ltd

Fidelity International is one of the UK's largest investment management groups. Through Financial Administration Services Limited (FASL) - a Fidelity company - we administer investments on behalf of 1,177,538* UK Customer Accounts and keeping them happy is our highest priority.

The table below shows how we handled feedback from customers between 1st July 2021 and 31st December 2021, who may have felt disadvantaged or inconvenienced when dealing with us.

Please take the scale of our business and our open approach into account when considering these statistics or making comparisons.

H2 2021 Opened Per 1,000
customers accounts
Resolved Closed within
3 days %
Closed > 3 days but within
8 weeks (%)
Main cause of Complaints








General Admin/Customer Service

Decumulation, Life & Pensions







General Admin/Customer Service

Please note that opened and resolved figures are unlikely to be the same. Complaints resolved at the beginning of each six-month period could have been opened in the previous period. Similarly, those opened at the end of the period could be resolved in the following period.

FASL is Fidelity's ISA manager, and the administrator of Fidelity Adviser Solutions. The company makes it possible for customers to invest with other Fund Managers in a single consolidated account. It also allows customers to hold funds, including Fidelity's own, within an ISA. It is the distributor of Fidelity's funds, and those of our fund partners, it is not a fund manager.

FASL deals with customers through several distribution channels, and markets funds directly to investors, as well as through intermediaries such as Independent Financial Advisers. It trades under the brand names Fidelity Personal Investing, Fidelity Adviser Solutions and Fidelity International.

* Based on 1,058,107 UK Investment Accounts and 119,431 UK Pension Accounts, as at 31st December 2021.