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Asset allocation – check cash balances

Many clients have built up considerable cash balances within their accounts over the last year or so – largely due to market and economic uncertainty. This asset allocation decision has been understandable but it may be prudent to check whether large allocations to cash are still appropriate, particularly for younger clients in long-term savings vehicles such as the pension.

Our Cash Report allows you to review large cash holdings held within client accounts. The report covers all accounts – ISA, Investment Account and Pension – and is available through our Reporting Services facility.

Next steps

Run your Cash Report. To access this report, select 'Firm' from the left-hand menu of our Client Management facility followed by 'Reporting Services'. You'll then be able to select the report which will be ready within 24 hours. 

If you need more help with using our reports, you may find it useful to download our Reporting Services guide


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