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ISA and Investment Account

Here you’ll find a range of materials available including guides to help with client discussions. We’ve also detailed the Bed and ISA process and gave some pointers for calculating capital gains on Investment Accounts.

Capital gains management – Investment Accounts

The capital gains allowance has been reduced in 2023/24 – with a further reduction planned for 2024/25 – and so it’s more important than ever to help clients minimise any capital gains tax (CGT) liability.

Capital Gains and Investment Accounts

At face value, calculating the gains or losses on an investment seems a relatively straightforward process. In reality, it can be quite complicated. In this video, Paul Squirrell covers the methodology for performing these calculations as well as how to establish whether any tax is payable and, if so, how much.

12-min watch
Capital Gains and Investment Accounts — Transcript

Tips for your end of year planning

Update acquisition costs for re-registered assets from other providers
Identity clients who have exceeded the CGA or who can report a loss to HMRC
Consider the fee disinvestment strategy for Investment Accounts
Consider how assets in Investment Accounts are held (jointly or in sole name)

If you need more help with using our Capital Gains reports, you may find it useful to download our guide.