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ISA and Investment Account

Here you’ll find a range of materials available including guides to help with client discussions. We’ve also detailed the Bed and ISA process and gave some pointers for calculating capital gains on Investment Accounts.

The Bed and ISA facility offers the ability to move client investments from an Investment Account into an ISA up to the current maximum ISA allowance.

Fully completed applications must be received by 9pm on 28 March 2024.

Bed and ISA for sole to sole account is an online process through the client summary screen. Once you have you client in context, select the Actions menu and Bed and ISA.

Where the ISA holder is not a holder of the Investment Account (e.g. spouse to spouse), you will need to use the 'Bed and ISA for a Third Party  form and a Deed of Gift form.

Tips for your end of year planning

How do I move my client’s entire Investment Account into an ISA account?
If I want to fund ISAs for both partners/spouses from a joint Investment Account, in what order should I do this?
Prior to submitting a Bed and ISA instruction, how can I check whether any capital gains will be realised on the Investment Account sale?
What if my client’s ISA is linked to a model portfolio?
Why are some deals placed as unit-based deals?
What is the 90% tolerance and why is it in place?
Can I phase a Bed and ISA instruction?
Can I take a fee on a Bed and ISA transaction?
How long does a Bed and ISA take to complete?

For further information on Bed and ISA, please log in to Help and support.