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Client reporting

Making the most of client data in the run up to tax year end

You have access to numerous reports on our platform which can assist in managing your business more efficiently: 

  • Support regulatory requirements such as Consumer Duty, for example avoiding foreseeable harms and providing value to clients.
  • Support new business opportunities, for example helping to identify clients with unused ISA and Pension allowances.
  • Reports are available 24/7, giving you the flexibility to access them when convenient.

Quickly access all the information you need

Including ISA subscriptions, income management and capital gains tax reporting.

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Pension Summary report

Could your clients be contributing more to their pension this tax year? 

Get a detailed overview of your clients’ pension accounts with us, including:

  • Contributions received and due over the course of the tax year from all sources – including personal and employer contributions
  • Outstanding tax relief due from HMRC
  • Gross contributions made in the previous three tax years
  • Both gross and net withdrawals made in the current tax year and any tax paid to HMRC
  • Whether the MPAA has been triggered and from what date.

The report also saves you time by detailing lots of other information you may require, such as whether the client has Fixed Protection in place, and the percentage of the lifetime allowance the client has used.

Create your own pension marketing emails or letters

Pension Summary report

How to use the report to help maximise client’s contributions, client’s income and reduce risk within your business.

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ISA Contribution report

Identifies clients who have not utilised their full allowance:

  • Generate data for marketing mailings to your clients to ensure ISA allowances are being effectively used
  • Reports can be run daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly
  • Includes unwrapped collectives/cash holdings which could be moved to an ISA.

ISA Contribution report user guide

Create your own ISA marketing emails or letters


ISA Contribution report

Quickly identify clients who have ISA or Junior ISA unused allowances on our platform.

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Capital gains reporting service

An easy way of managing and reporting capital gains positions on behalf of your clients:

  • Unrealised and tax-year specific realised gains reports
  • Ability to deliver bulk or single client reports
  • Reports account for historic deals with daily updates.

Capital gains reports – user guide

Capital gains reports – enhanced acquisition costs functionality

Taxing calculations: Capital Gains Tax


Tax planning information for Investment Accounts

How to obtain pertinent tax planning information from Investment Accounts on our platform.

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Cash report

Asset allocation – have you checked cash balances?

Many clients have built up considerable cash balances within their accounts over the last year or so – largely due to market and economic uncertainty. It may be prudent to check whether large allocations to cash are still appropriate, particularly for younger clients in long-term savings vehicles such as the pension.

Our Cash report allows you to review large cash holdings held within client accounts. The report covers all accounts:

  • ISA
  • Investment Account
  • Pension

How to run your Cash Report?

To access this report, select 'Firm' from the left-hand menu of our Client Management facility followed by 'Reporting Services'. You'll then be able to select the report which will be ready within 24 hours.

Account Information report

Are you losing income for your business?

Our ‘Account Information report’ shows all your clients with and without an Adviser Ongoing Fee. It is easy to filter by the column labelled ‘AdviserOngoingFee’ and shows a percentage or monetary amount payable for each client.

  • Open the ‘Account Information’ report within the Reporting Services area of the platform.
  • Simply scroll across to the column labelled ‘AdviserOngoingFee’.
  • Click on the arrow on the column heading to open the filter.
  • Select only ‘0%’ and ‘£0’ then click ‘Ok’.  This will provide you with a list of clients with no ongoing fee set up.

Enhanced Client Reporting

Obtain all the information you need for a client review in one place.

Your client reporting service allows you to:

  • Complete a comprehensive review with your client
  • Provide simple and clear information for your clients to understand
  • Clearly present all the platform fees and charges
  • Add commentary throughout the report.

The report provides:

  • The total return for the accounts selected Valuations at the start and end period of the report
  • The total money in and out of the account, including a detailed breakdown
  • Performance for the specified period
  • Asset allocation
  • Account information including regular contributions, dates and amounts, withdrawals, fees and up-to-date expression of wish and protection details.

Guide to client reporting

Data to support your business needs

The ‘Reporting Services’ area of our website has numerous reports available which can assist in managing your business more efficiently.

Consumer Duty Hub

Information on the Consumer Duty and what it means to your business.