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What does this week’s news mean for you?

FundsNetwork weekly breakfast briefings

Our breakfast briefings look at the previous week's industry headlines. In less than 15 minutes we uncover what they mean for you, your business and your clients.

The Topics covered in September along with news of the week, will be;

9 September - What's happening with the Generation X

16 September - A closer look at Enhanced Protection

23 September - Planning around the IHT freeze

30 September - The age 75 dilemma

You can post questions during the live session, or arrange a follow-up call.

Donald Manning

Join Donald Manning as he guides you through what this week's news means for you and your clients.

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9 September - What's happening with the Generation X

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20 May - Carry forward and third-party payments

13 May - ISA tax planning

6 May - Pension Freedom six years on

29 April - Employer pension contribution rules

22 April - LTA

15 April - Vulnerable clients

8 April - Nominations

25 March - Tax Day

18 March - IHT traps and opportunities

11 March - Budget 2021