Pension enhancements

Our pension has grown to cater to your needs offering more features and flexibility for you, and greater choice and value for your clients.

We're listening

Since its introduction in 2013, The FundsNetwork Pension has grown significantly based on the feedbacks from advisory firms. We strive to continually improve by listening to your needs and tailoring our products and offerings accordingly.

Below you can see the improvements made based on your feedback, but it won’t stop here as we are fully committed to providing you with a best-in-class pension:

New screen layouts

Quicker and easier illustrations with new screen layouts. Save and retrieve made available

Even less paper

Existing drawdown accounts can now be moved to online FundsNetwork Pension drawdown accounts

Online transfer

Transferring and crystallising pensions can now be completed fully online

Save for later

'Save for later’ option introduced for benefit crystallisation of income

Online income instructions

To help manage drawdown accounts, income instructions can now be submitted online

Wider asset range

Investment trusts and ETFs introduced

Less paper

Income amendments can now be made online

Transfer tracking

Reports introduced for the progress of pension transfers

Quicker processes

Speedier settlement times introduced

Making things simpler

Confirmation of transactions now consolidated

More funds in models

Model portfolios can now include up to 30 funds

More pension options

All pension freedom options available from day one

No transaction fees

All transaction related fees removed to offer better value for clients

FundsNetwork pension introduced

Our low cost, flexible pension is launched