Model portfolios & DFMs

Create bespoke portfolios of up to 30 funds and use defined models from Discretionary Fund Managers (DFMs).

Portfolios can be set up for your entire firm to use or can be tailored for individual adviser or client requirements.

You can also:

  • Use cash options within portfolios
  • Use model portfolios with our 'Quote and Transact' service for ISAs and Investment Accounts
  • Produce a detailed set of reports, supporting control and audit functions

Rebalancing your portfolios

Our rebalancing tool can be used on bulk or individual client accounts once they are assigned to a portfolio.

This allows you to easily adjust portfolios online to react to market volatility or to meet clients' changing needs and goals.

Using model portfolios from DFMs

Our Discretionary Fund Management (DFM) service lets you use defined models from DFMs on ISAs, Investment Accounts and our Pension.

We do not charge for the use of this service, however the DFM might.

What you can do with our service:

  • Link directly with DFMs to access and use their models
  • Generate x-ray reports and download fund disclosure for DFM models
  • Purchase a model directly for new business or realign existing clients
  • Single or bulk rebalance clients’ accounts yourself to align to DFM models
  • Align other account attributes, such as regular savings plans

What your chosen DFM can do with our service:

  • Create and manage model portfolios
  • Publish models to chosen advisory firms
  • Bulk rebalance clients’ accounts and align other account attributes, such as regular savings plans




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