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Introducing bite-sized pointers to help drive profitability for your business


Many advisers are running small to medium sized businesses, in addition to offering financial planning services to clients. So it’s unsurprising that they face the same challenges, typical to business owners. 

Our own research shows that business management issues, such as training new staff and succession planning, are a key challenge for over one quarter of financial advisers. So, to help you in these areas, we’ve pulled together some practical hints and tips designed to help you drive greater profitability for your business.

Hear what advisers like you have to say on topics from recruiting the right people to increasing productivity.

Succession planning for the future generation

Steve Boucher, Head of Strategic Accounts, talks to Gavin Chapman from Chase de Vere, about the ways of training young advisers for the future generation, as well as attracting younger investors.

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How the advice industry is changing

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Key business challenges facing advisory firms

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Discover the right rising stars

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Why connecting with clients is crucial?

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How Profitable Practices discover rising stars

Helpful hints on recruiting staff and how to hire the right people for the job.

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How Profitable Practices can build client trust

Useful insight to help you understand client needs and educate them on the value of advice.

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Let’s talk productivity

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Think of your own future too

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How to keep your Profitable Practice productive

Practical tips on how to reduce time spent on administrative tasks and focus on future client needs.

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Developing a succession plan for your Profitable Practice

Whether your firm is large or small, it’s important to consider what will happen when you leave.

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Profitable Practice: your succession planning journey

Here we look at how to prepare your business, and you, for when you choose to move on or retire.


Technical matters

Our resource centre hosts a range of expert insight on retirement, regulation, cybersecurity and more. Plus there's a library of over 45 short retirement videos, to help improve your knowledge or prepare for CII exams.

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