Future of Advice – Beneath & Beyond

AKG research paper 2020

Intermediary distribution is the lifeblood of most financial services companies assessed by AKG across their four peer sectors – Provider; Offshore; Platform; DFM.

A key part of their work, in assessing the operational strength and sustainability of these companies, involves close monitoring of the temperature and due consideration of the likely future shape of the intermediary distribution market.

All parties with a stake in proceedings need to target strong and sustainable business models – manufacturer and distributor/intermediary – and so a crucial element of this is the requirement to identify and seek to understand market dynamics.

Therefore, AKG’s overarching objective for this research, was to produce a practical paper which looks at key factors, drivers for change, likely shape of the market and to establish the main advice/distribution challenges and opportunities for intermediary businesses, manufacturers and other relevant industry stakeholders, primarily over the next two to three years. But to flag longer-term considerations as well.

Research paper 2020

As one of the key sponsors of this research, we are pleased to make the paper available to you.

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