World market review roadshows


Join us at one of our ‘World market reviews’ taking place across the country between September and November and earn 2 hours of continued professional development. With 44 venues to choose from we’re making it as easy as possible for you to get to us.

The event will be split into two sessions, with the first taking a tour of the global markets and asset classes, highlighting what we consider the potential opportunities and challenges for investors. With the backdrop of the longest bull market so far in history, we will explore how a return to more normalised market volatility, the gradual unwinding of QE and speculation on where we are in the market cycle is impacting on the asset allocation choices for clients’ portfolios.

The second session will be focussed on centralised investment propositions and the continued need for advisers to assess which options are most suitable for their clients in light of increased regulatory guidance. With the ongoing rise in popularity of risk profiling in the UK, the range of investment products available to advisers continues to grow, from model portfolio services and discretionary fund managers to the more traditional multi-asset offerings available. We will take a look at how the quite subtle differences in the mechanics of these investment options can deliver quite different client outcomes.

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