Webinar: UK market outlook



George Godber - Fund Manager, Polar Capital

  Georgina Hamilton - Fund Manager, Polar Capital

In this webinar George Godber and Georgina Hamilton of Polar Capital look at whether you should hunt for domestically or overseas focused shares and how you can take advantage of the current market conditions.

Key themes include:

UK domestic

  • UK domestic shares are under owned, revealing plenty of value opportunities
  • High levels of uncertainty create an attractive valuation entry point 
  • And while the post-Brexit future is uncertain the managers highlight a greater threat

Overseas earners

  • No longer such plain sailing 
  • Threatened by trade wars 
  • With concerns over a global slowdown

The opportunity

  • The UK market as a whole is cheaper than most developed markets
  • How to take advantage of the current market conditions 
  • Selectivity is key

Find out how George Godber and Georgina Hamilton navigate these issues.

A recording of the CPD-accredited webinar is available to watch now.

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