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Climate financing moves into the mainstream

Climate financing is the bridge to a low-carbon economy as investment in sustainable businesses evolves from a strategic option to an existential necessity. Kris Atkinson, portfolio manager of the Fidelity Sustainable Reduced Carbon Bond Fund discusses why the green finance market is growing so rapidly and what is needed to secure a sustainable future.

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How ESG affects the investment process

The investment landscape is changing as savers and governments place greater scrutiny on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. J.P. Morgan highlight the driving forces and discuss the ways in which investors can include ESG factors in their investment decisions.

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The rise of sustainable investing

Many investors seem to have moved beyond a simple positive or negative screening and want to know what impact their investments will have. In this video, Architas talk to several advisers to get their view on what sustainable investing really means.

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COVID-19 highlights role of urbanisation and climate change in public health crises

Invesco’s global ESG team explain why COVID-19’s sudden emergence not only reminds us of our fragility as a species, it reveals serious structural vulnerabilities that allow diseases like this to spread. 

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